Our workgroups

Sport and health culture work-group

They carry out research work on a variety of topics which are relevant to young people. Sport and health programs are organized for the young people of the Bakony-Balaton region. They contribute to public health institutions’ health programs and introduce new ones as needed.

They work with the Institute of Physical Education at the University of Pannonia.

Coordinator of the work-group:
Juhász Bianka

Environmental culture and tourism work-group

They carry out surveys in the Bakony-Balaton region, to find out, which factors of the tourism area are affecting young people. According to the surveys, they formulate strategies to promote our environment and the region.

They involve primary and secondary school students in their projects. They organize programs according to their area and needs

Coordinator of the work-group:
Haász Karolina

Art and classical culture work-group

As an organizing force, they establish cohesion between representatives of the arts and cultural industries. They evaluate the artistic life and potential of development of the country, and especially of the region in particular. They participate in creative processes and work on artistic activities and they work out different programs as well.

They introduce contemporary arts to young people, and those, who want to create are helped to unfold.

Coordinator of the work-group:

International task force

It is an opportunity to make connection with representatives of different nationalities from different countries. International students are involved in cultural and social projects and process.. There are cultur and cultural differences around the world and they can use these differences for the benefit of multicultural community and they can make a forging thing out of sameness.

This group provides a comfortable environment for sharing cultures, meeting new friends and working on different international projects.

Coordinator of the work-group:

Communication and PR work-group

The task of the communication group is to organize and conduct communication within the organization. They plan how to communicate with our environment, and our partners. Their responsibilities include writing possible press releases and managing social media interfaces. Media communication is also their area of expertise.

Coordinator of the work-group:
Krisztina VUK

Administrative secretariat work-group

The Administrative Secretariat is responsible for implementing project ideas in terms of resources. They compare needs with available financial, human and other available resources. They make responsible decisions and make proposals to run projects economically. They explore tender opportunities and document the movement of goods used and needed during our operations

Coordinator of the work-group:
Mónika OSSIK